Benefits – Medium Sized Company

Medium 29-11

Situation / Background

Integrated semi-conductor pioneering and world leading company, employing approximately 5000 persons, across 20 facilities world-wide.

Specific division focusing on the aerospace sector producing Power Management Solutions with 450 employees in 4 facilities in LA, San Jose, Leominster (Boston, USA) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

Twenty persons working as project/program managers, and an additional 10-15 more considered as future candidates, under performing project management due to the merger of four different organizations over a 10 year period.

There was no recognised budget responsibility for the project/program management role, and a mediocre acknowledgement of the project/program manager profile.

Limited capture of effort from previous programs/projects was being collated and some aspect of resource planning was in place.

A typical program delivery schedule should have been approximately 1 year, although in the majority of cases 3 year duration was the actual achievement.




A formal review deliverable concluding the assignment including the identifying of lessons learned and measured improvement of a 6:1 return on investment after just three months, with more to follow.

Results included positive Change in Culture; Greater acceptance of PM; more professional approach, less arguing; and Enhanced focus, better directed support from management.

Tangible results were estimated at a conservative benefit estimate of $1.2 million in 12 months with increases expected.

In concluding the assignment the project sponsor is quoted as saying “a significant change for the better in PM has been obtained”.


Typical Investment Size

$190k Investment