Project Management Proficiency

You know you are competent in the practice of project management, that your knowledge and practice are good, but basic. You are often challenged by the need to apply project management disciplines in more depth and in a controlled, monitored and evaluated context. You know you need to become proficient in how you identify, quantify, plan for and manage project risks and requirements, and in how you monitor, control and report on the team’s progress against the project charter. In fact, you need to take up the management role more formally within project teams and with stakeholders to ensure you deliver to schedule, scope and cost. –

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Who should attend?

  • People experienced at working in project teams who have completed a basic Project Management training
  • Project Managers who want to deepen their understanding of Project Management Best Practices
  • Project Managers who want to confidently and more effectively manage the dynamics of project teams

How will you benefit?

Programme Objectives
After participating in this programme you will be able to:

  • Work with different stakeholder groups, manage what are often conflicting expectations to retain their support and ongoing endorsement
  • Better identify, document, prioritize and manage project requirements

Consistently apply the disciplines of risk identification, assessment and mitigation using tools and techniques that go beyond basic identification of risks

  • align requirements
  • monitor KPIs
  • control against known variable and effectively report on a regular basis against project plan
  • Step into the Project Manager role and bring the best out of the team and the team members


What will you learn and practice?

Day 1

  • Introductions
  • Challenges and Trends in Project Management
  • Managing project Stakeholders: Workshop I: Creating a Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Managing project Requirements: Workshop II: Prioritizing Requirements
  • Summary of the Day: Learning Log Completion

Day 2

  • Previous day Learning Logs review
  • Effective Risk Management: Workshop III: Risk Management Strategies and Tools
  • Monitoring and Controlling the project: Workshop IV: Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Summary of the Day: Learning Log Completion

Day 3

  • Previous day Learning Logs review
  • Project Communications: Workshop V: Running Effective Project Meetings
  • Managing Project Teams: Workshop VI: Workshop on Team Management
  • Project Performance Appraisals
  • Summary of the training: Learning Log Completion and next steps

Programme Exercises, Activities, Case Studies 

Exercises and activities

  • Participant scenarios: These scenarios are the participants’ individual ‘cases’, their own ‘hot projects’. Participants will have individual time to reflect on their own scenario during the course and to make notes on how they will apply the course content to it. This ‘own case’ will be scripted before the session, a ½ page précis of a given project in which better application of the above disciplines will/would have deliver(ed) better results. Participants could be asked to share the key issue in their scenario at the start of the course and asked to refer to it at the end of the course to share their key learning and application points
  • Open discussions during the session to flesh out experiences and ground the practice before each exercise

Case studies
A unifying project management ‘case’ of some complexity, where the content of the course can be applied in small-group work during the course, one set of content at a time, to demonstrate how the different elements of the course build-up and correlate with each other.

Tools, Instruments and Assessments


  • Undertake a self-paced interactive learning module that captures the entire course in less than 12 slides or an interactive eLearning package of the overall PM framework – accessed via the LMS (learning management system) – that participants will complete in advance of the F2F session
  • Complete a manager and participant questionnaire – pre (one month before) and post (three months following attendance) – to assess skills covered in this course
  • Scope a ‘personal case’ – a ½ A4 answering 5-7 questions that describes a real situation you have experienced or are experiencing and which the course will help you address. This will be your first point of application for learning from the programme
  • Read:
    • A PM ‘case’ to which all elements of the course will be applied in small-group work during the course
    • An HBR case study that exemplifies project management proficiency in a well-known context and which will be referenced during the course


  • A PM ‘case’ to which all elements of the course will be applied in small-group work during the course
  • Organise a group dinner on first day of the course, hosted by the course faculty and MCE course project manager, to enhance the participant experience, build the participant network, encourage deeper learning during the session and gain commitment to the post-course conference calls

  • A manager and participant questionnaire – pre (one month before) and post (three months following attendance) – to assess skills learnt in the course
  • Recommend: two participant calls, 3 and 6 months following the session, to encourage and review application of learning, to share successes, to seek collegial support, to build a community of practice
  • Tweet messages from MCE faculty every two weeks for two months


Start Date & Time:
14 Nov 2016, 09:00

End Date & Time:
16 Nov 2016, 17:00

Management Centre Europe, Brussels, Belgium



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