Executive & Team Mentoring

The development of high performing teams is an essential differentiator in globally competitive markets. The return from investing in training an organization’s people, developing systems, establishing process and procedures, and providing technology to automate, cannot be maximised unless the organization correctly supports their integration.

One of the most important aspects to deliver good project management is to ensure the ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ understanding, including the language of management, is aligned through the development of executive, senior, middle management. This can initially be in the form of structured training, but reinforcement is needed.

GBMC develops management teams through a combined solution that utilises both training and mentoring to reinforce behaviours, a similar process to that of professional sports people.  For example how many successful sports people do not have a mentor or coach?

GBMC developed Airbus UK’s top one hundred executives through a series of senior development workshops that aligned management language and clarified working relationships, resulting in a 45% improvement in project management capability almost immediately.

The CFO of Airbus UK said “In terms of value for money, the senior development workshops are the best thing we’ve done to develop our senior managers”.