PM Methods and Systems

GBMC perceives Project Management Systems requiring three core enablers:
– Organizational Support
– Methods or Tools
– People

These enablers can be sub divided into major ‘components’, such as:
– Planning
– Organizing and staffing
– Integration
– Project prioritization
– Capacity planning

These major ‘components’ can be divided again into specific behaviours or activity such as:
– Defining the WBS
– Assessing risk
– Resource plans
– Creating the WBS

GBMC works with organizations to ‘map out’ their existing project management practices against a baseline, identify and prioritise opportunities, develop action plans and execute development. The development activity can be carried out by GBMC consultants, or by the organization itself with, or without, GBMC consultants coaching the organizations’ people. GBMC can ‘draw’ on its vast library of documentation and procedures to quickly adapt them to a clients’ environment.

GBMC has worked with a number of organizations to define governance, develop, and implement their project management systems and methodologies. For example, GBMC was tasked by Airbus to harmonize their documented project management methodologies from across five different entities.  The result was a reduction in project management procedures by 75%.