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Global Business Management Consultants is an elite, international consulting firm specializing in Project Management training, organizational development and consulting.

Founded in 1987, GBMC is recognized world-wide for its leading edge project management knowledge that has helped 100s of Fortune 500 companies excel in project management practice.

GBMC provides project management best practice support and addresses project challenges of private and public organizations around the world in 14 languages. GBMC’s consultants will design and structure appropriate consulting, training or organizational intervention to address specific needs at each level of your organization from entry level to executive management. This can be as basic as introducing project management tools and techniques to new managers or as complex as assisting your company’s transition into a true project-based system of operation. Project Management, that is consistent, cross-functional application of project management at all levels of the organization on a global basis, is GBMC’s most sought after service.

Since 1987 GBMC has worked with NASA as an integral part of its Project Management programs. GBMC’s The Art of Project Management® remains a basis for NASA project management training. NASA managers have publicly stated that GBMC consultants are “the best project management trainers in the US”. In addition, GBMC is “The Official Strategic Project Management Advisor” to Airbus, and the CFO said that “GBMC’s workshops have been the most successful thing we have done to develop our senior population”.