GBMC offers new Project Leadership and Management Skills Simulation Programme

Would you like to test your project   leaders in their leadership and  management skills?

GBMC has developed a highly engaging  programme that simulates an environment that tests leaders and their managers in applying the leadership skills that they have been trained in.   The programme is high energy and runs over 2 days with  up to 100 participants that  includes project managers their team   members and project sponsors.

Would you like to test your project leaders in their leadership and management skills?

GBMC has developed a highly engaging programme that simulates an environment that tests leaders and their managers in applying the leadership skills that they have been trained in. The programme is high energy and runs over 2 days with up to 100 participants that includes project managers their team members and project sponsors.

Programme Context

Project Management is both an art and a science. It is a science because project managers need to plan, estimate budgets, draw up schedules, manage costs and deliver quality results in line with the agreed milestones in a complex and constantly changing environment and within a strict financial framework.

It is an art because they have to ensure that the team gets along well and that the extra elements that contribute to the success of the project are achieved through efficiency and synergies. Project teams have also to communicate with different stakeholders including their superiors, support functions, clients, suppliers, colleagues, and members of other project teams with whom their team is interacting.

In this context, it is very important for project managers to have good soft skills such as communication, the ability to influence, motivate people and handle conflict situations.

It is equally important that Project Managers develop their ability to anticipate potential problems and the extent to which they are equipped to overcome them in order to avoid traps when they appear. To be successful they need to better consider the measures for success, such as satisfyingthe requirements of stakeholders, delivering value, and meeting time and budget expectations.

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