Coaching and Facilitation

Many organizations have the resources required to make changes and improve the way they work, however these resources are not utilised effectively.  The day-to-day operational aspects take precedence resulting in long, drawn-out implementation of change initiatives.

GBMC is able to offer as a part of any solution, or just on its own, coaching and facilitation services. This service provides independent facilitation for problem solving, conflict management and interpersonal relations; monitoring of goals, obstacles and achievements; and coordination of team activities with management.  This helps establish organizational behaviours by intervening to improve group thinking and interaction. Typically the Coach does not tell or give answers but helps generates answers from the team.  However, from time-to-time, the Coach may provide needed advice and/or provide research possibilities.

The typical activities by the project coach can be summarized as:
– Set up and review project management plans, scope and objectives, work breakdown structures,  estimates and schedules
– Set up and review project risk management, management of subcontract work and project monitoring and reporting
– To hold planning / feedback sessions with Project Manager either face-to-face or remotely as required
– To facilitate project planning workshops / project set-up with entire project team
– To support the Project Managers in consulting with Stakeholders (e.g. Sponsors, Steering Committees, External Partners, Controlling etc.) where required